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Early Origins of the Richard Family

The history of the name Richard goes back the Medieval period to a region known as Brittany (French: Bretagne), where they held a family seat in the honour of Kerjean, a seigneurie which would ultimately become noblesse as Barons of the Empire. Such a French name was given to a person known for his bravery. The name Richard is derived from the Germanic personal name of Richard, which is composed of the elements "ric", meaning "powerful", and "hard", meaning "brave" or "strong".
By the 15th century many of the family name had branched eastward to Lorraine, France, where the name seemed to become most prolific. Meanwhile, they also emerged in other locations throughout France including Aboncourt in Lorraine, Dauphine, Bressel in Neufchatel, Pichon in île-de-France, Prade in Lyonnais, Vaux in Roannais, Ruffey in Bourgogne, Pontreau in Berry, in Brittany at Pervenchere, Primaudaye, and in Coetaufao. François Richard was a French industrialist who died in 1839.
NEW FRANCE: Immigration to New France was slow; In the 1700s, land incentives were finally given out by France to 2,000 migrants. Early marriage was encouraged amongst the immigrants., and youths of 18 took fourteen-year-old girls for their wives. The fur trade was developed and attracted migrants, both noble and commoner from France. 15,000 explorers left Montreal in the late 17th and 18th centuries, leaving French names scattered across the continent. The search for the Northwest passage continued.
Migration from France to New France or Quebec, as it was now more popularly called, continued until 1759. By 1675, there were 7000 French in Quebec. By the same year the French Acadian presence in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island had reached 500. In the treaty of Utrecht, Acadia were ceded by France to Britain in 1713. In 1755, 10,000 defiant French Acadians refused to take an oath of allegiance to England and were exiled from the region. In 1765 most Acadians found refuge in Louisiana and eventually became known as Cajuns.


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